Our innovative learning method

With our method, you will learn English in a natural way, similar to how you learned your native language as a child.
In the classrooms at our language schools and in our virtual classrooms, you will actively speak with others, practice practical exercises and especially train your communication skills.
You can deepen your knowledge with our digital lessons and prepare yourself for the next classroom lesson.
Your teacher in our language schools also is your personal mentor.
S/he is always happy to help you with the English grammar, important vocabulary and questions regarding the pronunciation.
You can especially improve your pronunciation during the English-speaking activities.
We offer weekly excursions and activities with all students of the language center.
Learn to speak English naturally at pub nights, cooking evenings and karaoke contests.
With this lively and varied learning method you will dive into the English language and make faster progress than with traditional learning methods.

Learn English a better way

Small classes, online and in our language schools

Digital lessons that you can complete anywhere


Learn with each other in an English-speaking environment

Many English-speaking activities with other students

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

A 360° learning experience

“I feel very confident. I really like the method of NHE… it’s amazing.”

Edward, Sri Lanka
Student New Horizons English Düsseldorf

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

Digital classrooms

The communication between the students is the focus in our innovative digital classrooms.
You will speak a lot in small groups of a maximum of four students, gain valuable practice and get direct feedback from your teacher.


Participate in our activities and events to practice your English with other students and teachers.
Here, you can use your achieved English knowledge spontaneously and informally in everyday situations.
For example at karaoke evenings and foosball tournaments.

Personal mentoring

Your teacher individually helps you with your questions about the English grammar, vocabulary and the correct pronunciation.
During personalized coaching, your teacher gives you advice on how you can improve your English and how you get the best out for yourself during the lessons.

Online lessons

The language exercises of the online lessons are your preparation for the next classroom lesson, whether in the language school or in the digital classroom.
The online lessons will bring you and the other students to the same level of knowledge.
That way, you and the other students can use and speak the language faster.


Certified English teachers

Our teachers all have long-term experience and can support you with your learning goals and your individual areas of interest.
Our teachers are all certified to teach the English language.

Our English courses

Learn English for yourself, English for your career or English for your studies in our English courses.
Our certified English teachers are always there for you and will help you to improve your English.
You will already speak English on your first day and will quickly see progress and have a sense of achievement.

Learn English for yourself

Practice typical conversations of the everyday life.
Learn the essential vocabulary for your shopping, chats with friends in restaurants or important terms for travelling.

Learn English for your profession

Train business conversations and learn important terms for meetings, presentations and different forms of written correspondence.
Learn everything important for your profession and your career during the lessons.

Learn English for your studies

We teach you the necessary English language level you need for your studies.
Train your text comprehension and your communicative skills to successfully study in English.

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

Quick contact

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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