Why New Horizons English?

Learn English in class hours in our language schools, complete exercises online and learn in our virtual classrooms.
This unique combination allows you to learn English whenever it is convenient for you.
You won’t miss any lessons with our flexible learning modules, even if you have a busy lifestyle.

You will learn practical English at New Horizons English.
That way, you can quickly communicate with people from other countries.
Learn English in lively classroom lessons in our language schools, in flexible online lessons, during excursions and events and during the personal coaching with your teacher.

Quick learning progress

You will speak English within our classroom lessons from the very first day.
You will easily but intensively practice listening to and speaking the English language through natural conversations and within a relaxed atmosphere.
That way, you will achieve quick learning results, regardless of your language level.

Proven learning method

Our learning method suits all levels of language learners.
You can start learning English as a beginner or improve your knowledge as an advanced student.
Leading experts of the language industry developed our proven learning method.

Experience you can trust

New Horizons Worldwide has offered training and further education in various areas for more than 35 years.

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

Our language schools

Our language schools offer you a unique English experience.
Learn English in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.
Your teachers will always be at your side as a tutor in our language schools and not only during the lessons.
Improve your language knowledge with our English-speaking activities.
Drop by, have a coffee and convince yourself.


The language school Düsseldorf is situated in the center of the town, next to the main station.
Dive into an alive and kicking learning atmosphere.
Meet students from all parts of the world and learn in an innovative and relaxed environment.
Just drop by at the language school Düsseldorf.

Barcelona (opening is planned)

New Horizons English plans another language school in Barcelona.

Bangkok (opening is planned)

New Horizons English plans another language school in Bangkok.

“When I was here the first time I was not sure that I could speak English. But as time goes on I can speak more and more. I’ve become more confident and I feel very good.”

Elif, Turkey/Germany
Student New Horizons English Düsseldorf

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

The English Teachers - Your Mentors

Our English teachers are your personal mentors.
They support you in each phase of your learning process.
The teachers of our language schools are happy to help you with your questions about grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation.
Just simply talk to them!
Of course, our teachers have a lot of experience and are certified to teach the English language.


Our teachers are very experienced and therefore know exactly how to motivate you to improve your English knowledge.


We only work with qualified teachers.
All teachers at New Horizons English are certified to teach English.


Our teachers are your personal mentors.
They are happy to help you with all your questions regarding the English language.

Flexible Learning Groups

With us, you are flexible:
Visit classroom lessons on days you have time.
With us, you cannot miss any lessons because you are not tied to a fixed group or class.
Just book a seat in a class that fits your English level and your learning goal.

Learn with our online lessons wherever you like

Improve your English when and where you like with our online lessons.
Besides the classroom lessons in our language schools, you will learn your lessons and train your English online.

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

Quick contact

Simply send us an email or use the contact form and we will get back to you within two hours*.
We look forward to hearing from you!

*within our business hours

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