What do you want to learn?

We combine modern online lessons with classic learning units in our language schools.
The exercises of the online lessons will prepare you for the lessons in the language school.
After you finished an online exercise successfully, you can book an English class on a day you will have time.
You will not only improve your grammar or vocabulary during lessons, but also learn English in a natural way.
With conversations during lessons, during the individual mentoring with your teacher and during excursions and events.

English for daily use

In vivid conversations, you practice every day situations.
Furthermore, you learn the essential vocabulary for your shopping, chats with friends in restaurants or important terms for travelling.

Learn English for your profession

Train business conversations and learn important terms for meetings, presentations and different forms of written correspondence.
Learn everything important for your profession and your career during the lessons.

Learn English for your studies

We teach you the necessary English language level you need for your studies.
Train your text comprehension and your communicative skills to successfully study in English.