Choose your language school

 Our language schools offer an innovative and relaxed learning environment.
Dive into an intensive learning experience.
We do not only offer classical learning units, but much more:
You can meet friends at the language schools or participate in English-speaking activities.
We organise weekly meetings and excursions like Pub nights, cooking evenings or karaoke contests.
That way you learn this language in a playful and natural manner.

The teachers in our language centers support you during the lessons and in a personal mentoring.
Here, your teacher helps you with individual questions about the English grammar, certain vocabulary or your English pronunciation.

Our language schools are places where you can gather energy and motivation to learn, to achieve your learning goals.
Please just simply stop by!
You will see: We are entirely different from the typical, traditional language schools you know.
We look forward to welcoming you!


The language school Düsseldorf is situated in the center of the town.
Dive into an alive and kicking learning atmosphere.
Meet students from all parts of the world and learn in a modern and relaxed environment.
Just drop by at the language school Düsseldorf.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Barcelona (opening is planned)

New Horizons English plans another language school in Barcelona.

Bangkok (opening is planned)

New Horizons English plans another language school in Bangkok.