English courses

We combine digital learning and language lessons in our schools.
Our online lessons prepare you for the next classroom lesson.
You can finish exercises online at your own learning speed and book an English class on a day which is convenient for you.

During your English classes, your teacher can help you develop the skills most important to you:
Learn English for yourself, English for your career or English for your studies.
Our certified English teachers are always there for you and will help you quickly improve your English.
You can refresh your English or deepen your knowledge as an advanced “student”.
You will already speak English in your first English class and will quickly see progress and have a sense of achievement.
With us, you will live the language and naturally learn to talk to other people in English.
As a guest in a different country, at work or during your holiday.

Learn English for yourself

Learn to hold everyday life conversations and to master things in everyday life.
For example placing an order in a restaurant, shopping in a supermarket or traveling.
Learn in lively conversations and practical exercises what is important to know for life in an English-speaking county or a holiday.

Learn English for your career

Learn work-related vocabulary and practice conversations, conference calls, presentations and business meetings.
During typical conversational situations and practical exercises, you will learn the relevant business vocabulary and important technical terms.

English for your studies

Typical practical exercises and conversations with other students prepare you for your studies in English.
Achieve the necessary language level and learn the vocabulary relevant for your continuing education.

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

"I really like this way of studying. This is not the same as the others that I had before… it’s not only that the students sit there and have to listen to what the teacher is saying… it’s more than this. It’s the best atmosphere you can have."

Anqi, China/Germany
Student New Horizons Düsseldorf

Our language schools

Within our unique language schools, we offer you a relaxed learning environment.
You can meet friends, take place at our English-speaking activities outside the classroom and get help from our teachers.
Our language schools are places where you can gather energy and motivation to learn, to achieve your goals.
Please just simply stop by!
You will see: We are entirely different from the typical, traditional language schools you know.
We look forward to seeing you!


Our language school in the center of Düsseldorf awaits you.
Dive in into our alive and kicking language school in Düsseldorf with an international atmosphere.
Here, you will not only learn English, you will also live it.
Please feel free to stop by for a coffee!

Barcelona (opening is planned)

New Horizons English plans another language school in Barcelona.

Bangkok (opening is planned)

New Horizons English plans another language school in Bangkok.

Our method

With our method, you will learn English in a natural way as if it is your mother tongue.
Unlike traditional learning with a course book, we teach you how to speak English and use it and use it in naturally in everyday situations.
You will speak English in our classes from the very first day.
That way you learn to use the language in a natural manner.
Faster and better than with classical learning concepts.
Our learning method is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

How good do you think your English is? Find out with this test!

Our English teachers

Learn English with our qualified and certified teachers. Practice with your teacher and other students. Your teacher also is your personal mentor.
S/he supports you with all questions regarding the English grammar, vocabulary or with your pronunciation.
The individual mentoring with your teacher supports you in each learning phase and helps you to quickly improve your English or to refresh your knowledge.


We only work with English teachers that are highly experienced with many students.
They use this enormous experience to individually motivate you to quickly achieve your learning goals.


Your teachers are all experienced and certified to teach the English language.
They are They are looking forward to helping you with your grammar, vocabulary and your English pronunciation.


Your teacher meets you at eye level and teaches you English in a relaxed situation.

Quick contact

Simply send us an email or use the contact form and we will get back to you within two hours*.
We look forward to hearing from you!

*within our business hours

Gört Nottebohm
Your contact person